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What's working and what isn't? All of this information is being collected by your web site and it is worth looking at and analyzing.
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Services: Web-elements

Web-elements are self-contained pieces of functionality that can be added to your web site.

We feel the addition of these web-elements to your site helps set it apart and gives it a professional well thought out appearance.

This attention to detail and concern for your user experience is a hallmark of all the web sites we build. As in most things, it's the little things that add up to create an impression.

Some of the web-elements that we typically use are listed below.

Print | Send | Save:
• Each page of your web site will be printer friendly and will contain a “print friendly” link on every page.

• Each page will also contain a “send to your friends” link that will email the current page to whomever the visitor chooses.

• Each page will contain a “save to favorites/bookmark” link that will invoke the “save to favorites” wizard or give instructions for book marking.

Search this site:
Each page will have a function that will allow visitors to search your site by keyword. This is not only an extremely handy and visitor-friendly option, but you can also see what your visitors are searching for. This will allow you to make site changes to make this info more readily available – or optionally to include more info on a subject.

Meta tags:
Each page will contain search engine friendly meta tags (description and key words). You are responsible for coming up with the description and key words. We can assist with examples.

Directions link in your Contact US page:
We include a "directions" link on your Contact Us page. We plug in your address and then link to Mapquest. They will display a map of where you are located. Your visitors can also enter their address and get door-to-door driving instructions.

Privacy and Usage page:
We include a standard "Privacy and Usage" page with each web site. It is recommended that all web sites have a policy regarding privacy and usage for their visitors and to provide a link to that policy on each page. We include the policy statement link in the footer of all our web sites. You can view what yours will look like by viewing ours.

Custom 404 error page:
We will create a custom 404 error page that is branded and friendlier than the standard error page that you have no doubt seen all too often. A 404 error occurs when someone follows a broken (or mistyped) link to your web site. Click here to see our custom 404 page.

Copyrighting your web site:
We provide a copyright notice on each web site. This copyright is in your name. The notice looks as follows:
Copyright © 2024 Your Company Name ~ All rights reserved. We also provide a code snippet to automatically update the copyright year on Jan 1.

HowStuffWork explains copyrights and patents.
Learn more about copyrighting and it's myths.
See the INTA's FAQ regarding the proper use of trade and service marks.

"I always thought you were the best, but now i know. Thank you for your continued hard work to make Charlies site the best it can be."
- Janet H. June 2003

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