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Conventional wisdom (apparently shared by many web developers) is to not show prices and scare off a potential client. We have more confidence in you ... and ourselves. We know that we provide a lot of web site and a lot of service for the dollar. We are not ashamed of the price of our web sites or services. And if the competiton wants to take notice - go ahead - try and match us...
Malin Zergiebel,

Services: Design

You may think that the design of your web site is about what it looks like.

That is certainly part of it. But our design process also covers things like site fundamentals, page definition and underlying infrastructure issues as well as site navigation. We also identify all services that you will require.

Typically, the actual design of what your web site will look like is one of the last things we do, as your site design will incorporate all of the above items.

Site fundamentals:
Here we determine things such as the purpose of your site, your target audience, and the style of your site.

Page Definition:
We will identify all the pages you want for your site. We will also identify the pages we include at no extra charge. All pages are named (eg home, about, services, contact us, privacy policy, etc) for easy identification.

The number of pages needed for your site will drive infrastructure considerations. The more pages, the more structure required for organization and ease of maintenance. This structure will identify where pages and site assets reside. This is a good thing to know before development begins.

Identifying services:
Not only do we identify services required such as those covered in our setup explanation, but we will also identify web-elements to be used on your site (eg, search-this-site functionality, print|send|save links, etc. See more on web-elements) Likewise we will determine if you need any other design services covered below.

The design phase covers the look and feel of your web site. A color scheme is developed, fonts chosen, graphics and other images and their locations are identified. Navigation and the content area is specified. Web-elements are worked into the final design.

This design will be presented to you as an image for your approval. Depending on the number of pages required by your site, there may be several images depicting different areas of your site.

Depending on your wishes, your site can be designed in a fixed width format, or designed in such a way that it will expand to fill all monitor sizes.

Other design services:
Along with general site design, we can also:

  • create custom graphics, logos, and animations
  • optimize your existing graphics and photos for the web
  • design your business cards and letterhead
  • provide content editing

"I like it, what a great idea. I'm sure that the staff will like it also."
- Steve M. Oct 2003

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