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As you can see, your web site is the beginning - the foundation. Success comes from working the web and mining the gold that lays therein. The web's riches are not laying on top of the ground waiting for you to stroll by and pick them up. Its hard work - but it can pay off handsomely.
Malin Zergiebel,

Packages: Overview

We offer a variety of packages based on page count.

  • starter from 1 to 10 pages
  • small from 11 to 20 pages
  • medium from 21 to 50 pages
  • large over 50 pages

As you look thru the various packages and see the prices, remember that they are being offered as guidelines to give you a sense of costs.

Based on your specific needs, package pricing and possible special discounts, your actual cost may very well be different.

The following pertains to all of our web site packages.


  • Turn key web site - we take you from concept to launch and beyond
  • Clean, custom, professional design
  • Easy intuitive navigation
  • Web-elements and e-tools included
  • You can edit/maintain/extend your own site
  • Your site is modular (built in pieces) making it easy to add pages or making sweeping changes
  • On-going education
  • Un-ending phone/email/IM support
  • Optional Ongoing Support

Immediate benefits:

  • Get your organization on the web. Have your own 24x7 salesperson.
  • Enhance your image to your clients.
  • Stop using AOL (or some other name) for your business email.
  • Begin with the size package you need - extend and enhance it yourself.
  • Start using the power of "visit our web site for more information..."

Longer term benefits:
Extend your traditional marketing dollars (eg yellow page ads, ads in local papers, radio spots, mailers). It's impossible to get your complete message across via these mediums due to time, space, and cost restraints. That's your web site's job.

Continue to use these avenues for marketing awareness and make sure you send them to your web site for the complete and up-to-date info. You can extend your marketings dollar with a short teaser ad/spot and more frequent submissions.

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"A big, big thank you goes out to Malin & Janet of tsgwebplus for their immense support, time & expertise."
- Marc Huberman Newsletter Apr 2003

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