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No one is too small for a web site. For the price that you paid for your business cards and tiny yellow page ad, you could be on the web telling your story living large and looking better than your competition.
Malin Zergiebel,

Packages: On Value

As you’ve learned, we provide much more than just a website. We create a business methodology with multiple internet enabled strategies that will enhance and extend your marketing dollars. Coupled with the education you will receive, and the reusability of our systems, we will create a marketing tool for you that will pay for itself many times over its initial cost.

Speaking of costs, by now you know we do not create pre-packaged “5 pages for $500” websites.
We create serious tools for serious businesses.

When you compare the cost of our program to other marketing dollars spent and factor in:

  • 24x7 always-on sales/marketing presence
  • unlimited time and space to explain your services and benefits
  • easily updateable and extendable
  • high impact – image enhancing
  • ability to collect prospect information
  • ability to enhance follow-up procedures
  • ability to re-use e-tools and strategies at practically zero cost
  • ability to extend/enhance services to clients
we believe our web-enabled solutions offer an exceptional value.

When you compare the services, education, professionalism and experience provided by TSGWebPlus to other website vendors and factor in:

  • goal oriented construction
  • a methodology with targeted strategies to achieve your stated goals
  • coordination with and extension of current marketing initiatives
  • giving you control of your website and e-tools usage
  • integrated e-tools for perpetual low-cost brand reinforcement
  • education to ensure immediate and on-going success

we believe that dollar for dollar and value received, there is no comparison.

Your investment in our reproducible methodologies utilizing internet enabled strategies will continue paying you dividends over and over again for years to come.

Investing in our systems is an investment in yourself and your future.

"TSGWebPlus knows the meaning of providing legendary service. After over 10 years of working with web designers, I have never encountered a company that truly does behave like a partner of mine. Many may claim that they do this, but trust me, only TSGWebPlus does it."
- Beth Cannon, Manager, Homestyle Sep 2005

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