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Services: Development

Once we've agreed on the design, navigation, and other elements in your site, we begin development.

Watch your site being built.
As we start to build your web site, we place it on one of our servers and provide you the link so that you can watch and monitor the process. This allows us to build your site without interfering with your current site (if you have one). If this is a new site, it allows you to see it before being made available to the rest of the world.

Most importantly, this allows us to hear your feedback
during development. While every effort is made to finalize the design prior to development, our experience shows that once you see your site in action, there will be "tweaking".

We allow for and even encourage this fine tuning
during the development phase as our end goal is to provide you with the exact site you want. We will do our best to work with you to accommodate your changes without altering the quoted price. However, if at our discretion, requested changes materially impact the scope of the project, we will notify you and quote the changes.

This allows you the freedom to request changes
as your site is being built without fear of being "nickled-dimed-to-death" on each request. We hate re-negotiating as much as you do. We want to move aggressively and build the site you expect and deserve. However, this also affords us some degree of protection in the event the changes become substantial.

To date, we have not had to renegotiate
a web site mid-development. We think that speaks to the careful planning that goes into all of our Project Plans; a mutual respect developed between ourselves and our clients; and the willingness to make things work.

Some quick technical note for those of you so inclined ...
We develop our sites using Macomedia Dreamweaver MX® and Macomedia Fireworks MX® and other tools as needed. We write for Unix/Linux platforms and use PHP as our scripting language.

Modular (built in "pieces") to facilitate easy maintenance for you.
We develop each web page in pieces. Typically a web page will contain a header, footer, navigation and content piece. Some designs will also contain detail navigation and left and right column pieces. This allows you to change a "piece" and have it reflected throughout your site.

We use cascading style sheets (CSS)
CSS easily allows us to specify text styles used throughout your web site. This helps maintain consistency across your site. The web editor that we supply you to maintain your site can also take advantage of these defined styles ensuring that the pages you create will look like the ones we create.

We develop "friendly" sites
Our web sites are monitor, browser, printer and search engine friendly.

There are a plethora of monitors out there - at multiple settings and resolutions. What looks good on one doesn't necessarily look good on another. We use web-safe colors for consistency across monitor types. When possible, we also scale our designs to the smallest screen resolution and allow them to expand at higher resolutions.

We hate sites that say, "best viewed with ...". We are not in the business of promoting a particular browser - and your web site shouldn't be either. Your site should work under any browser (version 5 or higher). Are these types of sites harder to craft? Sure ... but we believe your visitors will appreciate the extra effort.

Any page that has great content will eventually get printed. If someone is printing information from YOUR site, you want to feel confident that it will look as good on the printed page as on the screen. How many times have you printed a web page and the right hand side of the content was chopped off? Your TSGWebPlus website won't do that. Go ahead - print this page and see. Click on the "print" link at the top of this page.

We make sure your visitors get what they want - the way you want it to be.

Eventually, search engines will begin to "crawl" over your site, grabbing information for their databases so that you can show up in their searches. We craft all of our web sites with an eye towards search engine crawling. We provide meta tags and links the engines can follow. This ensures that all of your pages are indexed and key words are provided.

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"I'm quite proud to send people to the site that you and Janet created."
- Marc H. Apr 2003

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