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Who is visiting your web site?
You have web site visitors, search engine visitors, email visitors, e-marketing visitors, and traditional promotion visitors. Where are they all coming from? Where are they all going? Are they contacting you? Buying from you?
What's working and what isn't? All of this information is being collected by your web site and it is worth looking at and analyzing.
Knowledge is power.

Malin Zergiebel,

Services: Promotion

Post web site launch flyers:
We will design a one-page flyer (suitable for printing and handing out or sending via email) that will announce your web site and encourage clients and prospects to visit.

Search Engine Registration:
Did you know that there are only a handful of search engines that account for 95% of the web's searches? Don't fall for those programs that say they will register you with hundreds of search engines for $99. They are a waste of time and money. We focus on the big players in the search engine world.

Did you know that submission requirements vary from search engine to search engine? If done improperly, the submission with be rejected, resulting in poor placement, or no placement at all. That's why we carefully craft your message and meta tags and hand submit your web site to each search engine, carefully adhering to each engine's unique requirements although top ranking in the major search engines is not guaranteed.

When you contract our monthly monitoring service, we monitor and tweak your submissions to improve your ranking within the major engines.

Directory Service Submissions:
Do you know that there are directory service websites all over the net? Some are local directories, highlighting local businesses. Some are nationwide listings (eg professional groups, trade associates, etc). These directory service web sites are a rich resource for your business. We'll help you locate and submit your site to these services.

Branded Press Release:
Did you know that it is estimated that 90% of all press releases submitted end up filed under G, simply because the proper format was not adhered to? Yes, there are both spoken and unspoken rules and regulations regarding the format and content of your press release. This may seem like a game, but luckily for you, we know how to play.

TSGWebPlus can craft a press release template that coordinates with your web site design. While most print publications are happy to receive submissions and will run them as time and space permits, this can be a tricky process with highly inconsistent results.

Our job is to get the information to the right people, using the correct format, at just the right time. Ads are nice and effective, but they don't carry the impact of a "news story" And once you're in, is not unheard of for a local radio or TV station to take an item from the print media and mention it, or make their own little news story out of it.

Nothing looks better than having your logo plastered all over everything.

We can help set you up with an outstanding free merchandizing service called CafePress. All you have to do is upload your artwork (we can assist with that) and select the products you want to sell - and you are in business. They handle everything else.

They offer over 50 products to chose from via their free service, and even more on their pay service. Check out our merchandizing page here. Go ahead and buy something - all profits go to help fund our Good Works program.

"Thank you, Malin, for a job well done. We are very proud of what you have created, and we look forward to our continuing relationship as we strive to always keep the website informative, exciting, and fun to visit."
- Carl C. Jan 2004

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