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We don't use templates or cram you into a pre-defined design like some "get on the web in 30 minutes" advertising you may have heard. Hey - we're not knocking them. They are fine for some companies. We just think the cornerstone of your marketing initiatives deserves more than 30 minutes.
Malin Zergiebel,

What's it Cost? (or The Value of a Web Site)

Fortunately, much less than what it's worth.

Ultimately, we are always asked this question. And its quite a good question deserving a good answer. After we have determined all of the particulars of a specific project (as each project we do is custom), we come up with an answer.

In fact, elsewhere on this web site, we publish the guidelines we use and even include our Rate Sheet for particulars. This is so you can get a ball-park figure for yourself. (link purposely not provided here, as we want you to finish reading this - but you can find our guidelines in our "packages" section).

No secrets, no hidden charges, no apologies. It's all right there for you to look at. We are not ashamed of the price of our web sites or services. In fact, we believe that for what you get - they are quite the steal ...

Of course, these are guidelines and not poured in cement - because as we said, each project is unique. You will find we are willing to work with you to arrive at a number that is agreeable to both of us.

We like win-win situations and are always looking for a client that understands what we are talking about ... a client that gets it. A serious competitor.

Sure, in fact, we offer lots of discounts. Discounts to "friends of" or even "visitors to" current clients, discounts for not-for-profits, and discounts to organizations that help others. And of course, our package prices are already discounted from out standard rate sheet. Why? Because we want to put you on the web - the right way.

Now since you have asked us about cost, we have a question for you.

What's the value of a web site to you?

Determining the value of your web site is based on the objectives of your web site. So there is no hard and fast answer for this - any more than there is for what one costs.

If we could show you that spending $1 would get you $2 - would you be interested?
A while back, we were discussing a web site for an auto dealership and of course, we were discussing price.

I asked if the web site accounted for 2 extra car sales a month - would it be worth it? (We had established 2 new sales as a worse case scenario - we were conservatively estimating upwards of 10).

He quickly calculated that 24 new auto sales a year netted him 6 times the cost of the web site. That's $6 in his pocket for every $1 spent. And that was the worse case scenario.

That's not to say we stopped negotiating the price of the web site, as he was a very shrewd businessman, but he had a much better appreciation of the "value" of his proposed site.

Our web sites do not sit and collect dust. We craft web sites within a framework of the "big picture" and we get results.

That's what our clients want - it's what they pay for - and it's what we deliver.

Every one of our sites has an ROI (return on investment). And we help you calculate it. Ask another web developer for an ROI - go ahead - we'll wait.

A professionally built web site that comes with internet enabled business strategies, web savvy marketing campaigns, perpetual support and on-going education is an investment in your future.

We offer the best value on the web
A bold claim no doubt ... but we truly believe you will not find a better deal on the net. Value is more than just price comparison.

Quick Quiz:
What's a better value: a two-liter bottle of soda for $1.99 or a six pack of the same soda for $1.49? Don't you hate these kind of questions? Now you have to convert liters to ounces and then multiply six 12oz cans and then determine the cost of an ounce and then ... oh well, you get the idea.
The point is that value is more than just price - it all depends on what you are getting.

You can buy a web site from a thousand companies, but what are you getting? And beyond the dollar cost, what is the value of the time that you will make, and what is the cost of the impact your site will have on your prospect and clients? What is the value of what your site says about your organization?

What's the value of building a relationship with a firm that is invested in your success? Or the value of on-going education and always having a friendly knowledgeable voice to call?

Ultimately, you need to decide the answers to all of these questions.

But we are confident that we're the best value on the web.

Serious web sites for serious businesses.

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