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Let's forget about search engines for the moment. Is your web site address on everything? Business cards, letterhead, proposals, invoices, statements, yellow page ad, print ads, billboards? On your trucks, lawn signs, shirts, cash register receipts? Any place that lists your phone number needs to also list your web site address. Self-promotion (and traffic) begins at home.
Malin Zergiebel,

Putting it all together

Now what?Almost anyone can provide you with a web site ...
but then what do you do with it?

A web site is just one piece of your marketing puzzle. It is the beginning - the foundation of a larger picture. We provide the tools, education, experience and help when you need it most ... before and after your site goes "live".

First comes the game plan - a strategy ...
This entails uncovering what you really want to accomplish with marketing in general and your web site specifically. Are you looking to increase your exposure; extend your brand; garner more leads; or sell your products and services on-line? This plan is the backdrop; the framework that guides everything else.


Plan and coordinateThen coordination with your traditional marketing initiatives and existing brand...
Brochures, logos, colors, fonts, images, radio and tv spots - even business cards and letterhead. All are examined and all are brought in-line to present a consistent and coordinated face to the world. Don't have a logo or business cards or a brochure - much less radio or tv spots? Want to create/upgrade your image/brand? Not a problem. Now is the time to do it. <psst - we have our own graphic design specialist that lives for this stuff>


Next comes your web siteNext comes your web site (bet you thought this was first ...)
Beautiful, exciting, compelling. Your virtual organization on-line. Your complete story can be told ... questions answered ... services explained ... products displayed. Your 24x7 salesperson that is never sick, always on - and always says the right thing. Unlimited time and space and full multi-media capabilities to get your message out there (and no extra charge for color). <psst - did we mention that we do web sites?>


Email - an important toolEmail - an important and oft overlooked branding tool.
Why send text mail from yourorg@aol.com when you could be sending branded email (with your logo and links to your web site) from yourname@yourorg.com? Branded email makes a powerful impact and helps extend your brand and professionalism with every click of the "SEND" button. <psst - we include a formal and casual branded email with each web site - no matter it's size>


We know you have special events going on all year long (and if you don't - you should - and we'll show you how easy it is). You should be telling your prospects and clients about them. Likewise, as you continue your traditional marketing (eg newspapers, magazines, radio, tv ads) send them to a custom "landing page" on your site that ties in directly with the ad. Your possibilities are endless here. <psst - we provide ongoing ideas and assistance>


Promote, promote, promote ...Promote, promote, promote
Your web address needs to be on every piece of paper, email, and ad copy your organization produces. And don't forget to put it on shirts, hats, truck-sides, billboards, lawn-signs and anything else that has your organization's name on it. <psst - we have a phenomenal free marketing resource in case you are missing out on that extra cash>.
Quick Tip: instead of cramming all of your organization's info into a yellow-page ad or a 2" column of newspaper space or a 30 second radio spot - how about coming up with an intriguing and compelling headline followed with "see our web site for details"? <psst - we're good with headlines too ... >


Tracking and tweaking ... Tracking (and then tweaking)
You now have web site visitors, search engine visitors, email visitors, e-marketing visitors, and traditional promotion visitors. Where are they all coming from? Where are they all going? Are they contacting you? Buying from you? What's working and what isn't? All of this information is being collected by your web site and it is worth looking at and analyzing. Knowledge is power. <psst - big surprise - we can help you here too>


As you can see, your web site is the beginning - the foundation.
Success comes from working the web and mining the gold that lays therein. The web's riches are not laying on top of the ground waiting for you to stroll by and pick them up. Its hard work - but it can pay off handsomely.

TSGWebPlus - helping you put it together.
TSGWebPlus - helping you put it together.

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