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No one is too small for a web site. For the price that you paid for your business cards and tiny yellow page ad, you could be on the web telling your story living large and looking better than your competition.
Malin Zergiebel,

A "note" from our Head Curmudgeon...

Welcome and thanks for visiting.

Some well meaning folks have said there is too much info on this site. Some say they can't read so much text - their eyes glaze over ...

I say BUNK! [editors note: who says bunk any more? We've never heard him say bunk. We've heard him say alot of things, but never bunk - where did this come from? Can someone please check the transcripts?]

This company and this web site are for serious people looking for serious answers. And those good folks can never get enough information to make an informed decision. This site is just the beginning of what we have to share with our clients.

If you are serious, make some time, kick-back and grab your beverage of choice and read on my friend. There is a lot here - just for you.

And if now isn't a good time, click here and email yourself a link to this site, so that you can read and enjoy at your leisure and convenience.

While very serious about marketing and web sites, you'll find the writing style to be loose, friendly, straight-forward, and at times - maybe even informative and a bit funny.

We suggest starting with the articles in our First Timer's section for a good general overview. Then on to the rest of the site for more specifics.

If you're still here and want to know more - then this site was made for you.

Enjoy ... and welcome.
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<Hey, who called me a curmudgeon? Are they still working here? >
[walks away mumbling and scratching his pointy head]

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