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You can buy a web site from a thousand companies, but what are you getting? And beyond the dollar cost, what is the value of the time that you will spend, and what is the cost of the impact your site will have on your prospect and clients? What is the value of what your site says about your organization?
Malin Zergiebel,

March's Get Started Special

Leprechan in a pot of goldBetween March Madness and the first days of Spring, we are just about out of our minds. Does it get any better than this? Do you think "you know who" will let us out early so we can catch a couple of afternoon games?

Fat chance. The Head Curmudgeon here is busy thinking of ways to get you to sign up for a new web site now.

Why? Because he knows the sooner you get started, the sooner you start to reap the benefits. And the Pointed-Headed-One is all about client benefits.

So what's better than a pocket full of daffodils?

Five web pages for the price of three!!!

That's right, for any new web site contracted this month, you'll get your first five pages for the price of three. That's a $300 value.

Say what? Yup, as in $300 right off the top. Even better than a rebate, cuz you don't have to fill anything out and send it in. Just sign up for a new web site by March 31 .

Head CurmudgeonStart working smarter today and get on the web.
You know you want to - and if you act now, you get to pick the pocket of the Pointed-Headed One of three Franklins. Hey - that'll buy a couple of hot dogs and a beer at the Final Four.

Fill out our Getting Started form. It's quick and easy and you will be just that much closer to working smarter.

This offer expires Mar 31. Sure you can wait for next month's offer, but it might not be as good. We think the Fuzzy-Headed One was in a green beer haze when he came up with this one.

Back to where you came ... (Don't even think of clicking back without signing up) Halt!

"Malin and TSG WEB PLUS have opened my eyes to the power of the web."
- Corey Seigel, Executive Chef/Owner Aug 2007

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