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Quick Tip: Instead of cramming all of your organization's info into a yellow-page ad or a 2" column of newspaper space or a 30 second radio spot - how about coming up with an intriguing and compelling headline followed with "see our web site for details"?
Malin Zergiebel,

February's Get Started Special

We have a sweetheart of a deal for you this month. It's the month for romance, candlelit dinners with that Double hearts with arrowsomeone special, a hot toddy in front of the fire and taking a much needed sports break between football and baseball. We're in our post holiday lull and thinking of maybe cranking it back a notch before we gear back up for spring ...

But noooooooo. The Head Curmudgeon here is thinking of ways to get you to sign up for a new web site now.

Why? Because he knows the sooner you get started, the sooner you start to reap the benefits. And the Pointed-Headed-One is all about client benefits.

So what's better than a box of chocolates?

Five web pages for the price of three!!!

That's right, for any new web site contracted this month, you'll get your first five pages for the price of three. That's a $300 value.

Say what? Yup, as in $300 right off the top. Even better than a rebate, cuz you don't have to fill anything out and send it in. Just sign up for a new web site by February 28 .

Head CurmudgeonStart working smarter today and get on the web.
You know you want to - and if you act now, you get to pick the pocket of the Pointed-Headed One of three Franklins. Hey - that's a lot of strawberries and champagne.

Fill out our Getting Started form. It's quick and easy and you will be just that much closer to working smarter.

This offer expires Feb 28. Sure you can wait for next month's offer, but it might not be as good. We think the Fuzzy-Headed One was in a chocolate coma when he came up with this one.

Back to where you came ... (Don't even think of clicking back without signing up) Halt!

"Thanks so much for your time, input and creative ideas. I'm grateful!"
- Marc H. Sep 2003

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