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Running a business is hard...having an effective internet business strategy doesn't have to be.
Malin Zergiebel,


Aw shucks ... we were just doing what we promised ...

"Malin and TSG WEB PLUS have opened my eyes to the power of the web. If it's possible to see a smile over the phone, it must be Malin on the other end of the line. Every change I have wanted and every IT challenge I have had, TSG has met with honesty, integrity, and just plain good business sense. The skills and resources offered by TSG WEB PLUS have by far exceeded my expectations."
Corey I. Seigel, Executive Chef/Owner [Aug 2007]
Chef Support Services ~ New Milford CT.

"Fantastic, superb, brilliant, bravo! I love it - I'll take it! Don't change a thing! (Hey, want to use this as a testimonial?)"
- Scott B Jan 2007 [Works for me - thanks, Scott!]

"That one business suggestion alone was fantastic. You offer alot more than just a web site."
- John S. Feb 2004 [Thanks, John ... we know. That's why we say, "Web sites ... and a whole lot more."]

"TSGWebPlus knows the meaning of providing legendary service. After over 10 years of working with web designers, I have never encountered a company that truly does behave like a partner of mine. Many may claim that they do this, but trust me, only TSGWebPlus does it."
- Beth Cannon, Manager, Homestyle Sep 2005

"We are delighted with the results of your work and wanted to thank you for your generous spirit that has made our website an excellent (and beautifully designed) place for community members and supporters to visit and become more informed about Interlude."
- Kathleen Deschenes, Executive Director, Interlude Nov 2005

"I appreciate all the extra time and effort you have put into helping me with this problem – even though it was caused by [vendor’s name removed]. You’re the only one I trust to give me the right information and look after our needs."
- Frank M. Nov 2003

"We have had many web partners and many websites over the years, but TSGWebPlus is hands-down the best! Our site looks great, our support is top-notch, updates are easy, and training is thorough."
- Tim S. June 2005

"We can not thank you enough for all of the support, expertise and assistance you provided.  You absolutely over delivered in regards to expectations.  Please let us know if we can provide a testimonial or if we can do anything for you." (Thanks Patricia, you just did).
- Patricia A. May 2006

"This could not be more perfect! This is exactly what I am looking for and I love the light blue you included. Thank you. I am going to run with this."
- Holly N. July 2002

"I can't believe the positive response I received on this release and I just had to tell you! Thanks for your help, it came out perfect!"
- Mary S. Sept 2003

"This is great. How much does this cost and how quickly can I use this? Thanks!"
- George N. Oct 2003 [Note: There was no charge as this branded email was an “included” service.]

"We have compared our NEW site with other sites that are out there and we understand now what you meant by 'leap-frogging' our competition. Ours is so much more impressive."
- Chris C. Dec 2003

Copy of a letter sent to us from Martin Schwartz, president of The Kennedy Center, Inc.
- Nov 2003 [83kb PDF document]

"We would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of the valuable knowledge and experience you've offered in the development of our new website. Over the last 4 months, you have taken our ideas and visions and translated them into a website that is second to none in pediatric dentistry. We appreciated the fact that you listened to how we wanted to proceed ... and how you were always available by phone or by e-mail to answers questions, give advice, or make changes."
- Carl C. Jan 2004

"The website looks wonderful… "
- Lynn P. Jul 2003

"What do I think? I think you are [expletive deleted] awesome. That's what I think! It's perfect. The nav is perfect. Excellent job!"
- Chalie G. Jun 2003

"I am getting a lot of good feedback on the web site’s design, layout and the ease of navigation. As a matter of fact, not one negative reaction, great job!"
- Marie F. Nov 2003

"Wow, what a nice surprise. Thank you so much… I like the calendar ideas… The month at a glance does look more appealing. Let's talk some more. You're the best. I'm quite proud to send people to the site that you and Janet created. "
- Marc H. Jan 2004

"SHAWEEETTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's perfect. You've done a great job capturing the look of the site. Beautiful. Simply beautiful."
- Gail A. April 2003

"Thanks for spending the time with us. We just looked at all your web sites - they are all great - good job! We were very impressed by them all. … and we certainly want to pay you for your help - never mind the no-charge visit."
- Dorie P. Sep 2003 [Sorry Dorie, it's part of the service.]

"One less thing for me to worry about - thank you so much."
- Allyson B. Feb 2004

"I wish other people we worked with were as responsive to calls and questions as you."
- Barb B. Nov 2004

"Malin is the ultimate in great customer service. You could not ask for a more devoted and conscientious vendor."
- Mary G. Jan 2005

"The personal service we get from Malin is great! He's so helpful and understanding of our plentiful and often not so bright questions."
- Taryn P. Feb 2005

"I have enjoyed growing our website using the ever available help of TSGWebPlus. I have taken it further than we ever imagined we could have, and continue to move forward."
- Kim B. Feb 2005

"Malin made the entire process easy and has been there at the drop of the hat when things needed to be adjusted after the web site was up."
- Eric.S Mar 2005

"Whenever I get a request for a complicated site, I call in TSGWebPlus. I have great confidence in Malin's ability to make it happen."
- Mary G. Apr 2005

"Bottom line -- you get what you give. The more information we gave to Malin, the better our website became."
- Barb B. Apr 2005

"Before using TSGWebPlus, our site was boring and not as up to date as we would like. Now our site is fun and exciting - all because of the help from TSGWebPlus!"
- Taryn P. Apr 2005

"If you need any references please use me!!! Use my site! Every one loves it!"
- Diana B May 2005

"Malin has the patience of a saint, he explains what is needed and then he does it. Great job!"
- Nick M. May 2005

"Working with TSGWebPlus has been a great experience. They've explain everything in detail but in a way that can be understood by the layman."
- Eric S. June 2005

"Malin - you are the best! So easy to work with, so patient in explaining things in a language that even I can understand!"
- Steph D. June 2005

"Just went on line to check it out. It is phenomenal. You da Man. Wait till I start braggin' on you. This is so awesome. I can't thank you enough. When you get back we will have to go out and celebrate. On me!"
- Shelia D. July 2005 (thanks Shelia, sounds good to me)

"I LOVE LOVE LOVE the website. I cannot believe what a FANTASTIC job you did with this. I am BLOWN AWAY! Did I say I love it? ..."This is beyond anything I had in mind... You are so CREATIVE and BRILLIANT!"
- Helen K. Aug 2005

Back to where you came ...

"You're totally amazing!!!! You really are capturing the look we talked about! It's so wild seeing it come together!"
- Marc H. Feb 2003

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