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Malin Zergiebel,

About Malin Zergiebel

Malin ZergiebelFounder, CEO, and President, Malin has over 25 years experience in the IT industry. Executive, consultant, and author, he has extensive knowledge in both the corporate world and as a premier IT service provider and consultant.

Malin was the Director of Information Systems for an internationally renowned financial consulting firm. As Vice President and partner, he directed and positively impacted the growth and expansion of the firm's networks, technologies, and software development and implementation.

Malin was also a founding member of the ANSI X3J12 standards committee for DIBOL - a computer programming language. This committee was comprised of DIBOL experts from around the country. He was one of 13 authors to originally publish the first ANSI recognized standard for the DIBOL programming language.

Through most of his professional career, Malin has consulted both small and large corporations throughout New York and Connecticut. He has successfully designed and implemented a multitude of custom business solutions on many different computers for a wide variety of industries.

In 1981, Malin founded and incorporated The Software Gallery, Inc.

Born and raised in Richmond, VA, Malin earned a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Bryant College in North Smithfield, RI, and an Associate's degree in Business Management from Post Junior College (now Teikyo Post University), Waterbury CT. As a resident of Brookfield, CT since 1984, Malin enjoys softball in the summer, shooting pool in the winter, and technology year round.

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"That one business suggestion alone was fantastic. You offer alot more than just a web site."
- John S. Feb 2004

[We know, that's why we say, "Web sites ... and a whole lot more."]

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