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No one is too small for a web site. For the price that you paid for your business cards and tiny yellow page ad, you could be on the web telling your story living large and looking better than your competition.
Malin Zergiebel,

December's Get Started Special

Bells and Holly

Happy Holidays!

At this very special time of year, we'd like to wish all of you a very healthy and happy holiday season and hope that you can spend it with the ones you love. TSGWebPlus HolidogOur extra special good thoughts and well wishes go out to all of those in our Armed Forces that are so far away from home. Keep your head down and come home safe. Finally, it wouldn't really be Christmas around here till we put the Santa hat on our TSG Holidog.


So what's The Big Elf doing for the holidays?
Why thinking about Valentines Day and St Patrick's Day of course. Oh sure, he loves the holidays as much as anyone - maybe more - and he still has the holiday lights up and festive music playing ... but in the Holiday Time Machine in which he lives, he is wearing his green derby and curled up leprechaun shoes and swilling the green beer while busy cutting out paper hearts and hot gluing them onto lace doilies and carefully handcrafting his own written notes on those little candy hearts. Its kind of comical actually - and a little bit scary. He really needs a life... but we digress.

Why? Because he knows the time to get on the web for Feb and March is NOW! Because he knows the sooner you get started, the sooner you start to reap the benefits. And the Pointed-Shoed-One is all about client benefits.

So what's this month's special?

$200 off each new web site!

For any new web site contracted this month, we'll take $200.00 off to get your New Year started right. That'll buy a nice bottle of champagne (or two) and it's our holiday gift to you.

Head CurmudgeonStand out from your competition with this special New Year's gift from the Big Elf. Just sign up for a new web site by December 31.

Start working smarter today and get on the web.
You know you want to - and if you act now, you get to pick the pocket of the Pointed-Headed One of two Franklins and change. Hey - that's not a bad way to start the New Year.

Fill out our Getting Started form. It's quick and easy and you will be just that much closer to working smarter.

This offer expires December 31. Sure you can wait for next month's offer, but it might not be as good. We think the Fuzzy-Headed One was into the egg nog when he came up with this one.

Back to where you came ... (Don't even think of clicking back without signing up) Halt!

"We appreciated the fact that you listened to how we wanted to proceed with the content and 'feel' of the site."
- Carl C. Jan 2004

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